Orthotics in Spartanburg

Orthotics in Spartanburg

Orthotics in Spartanburg

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A custom-made foot orthotic helps bring the ground up to the foot at predetermined angles so that the foot is supported in its optimal neutral position.  By realigning the foot with the body, the rest of the joints and muscles can work more efficiently, thus helping to reduce or eliminate pain.  This is especially true if you have had joint replacement surgery (knee or hip).  Once the pathology or pain is eliminated, it is important that you maintain alignment so that your surgery continues to be successful.  Often limb length is affected and other stresses on joints may occur.  Custom-made orthotics are an extremely important part of this follow-up.

Improve your well-being

Improving the alignment and balance of your feet can reduce pressure from other parts of your body, improving your overall health.

Provide Support For Your Feet

Support the arches in your feet with custom orthotics that provide you more stability while you walk and stand.

Injury Prevention

Custom orthotics can help treat and prevent future injuries such as your muscles, bones, and injuries to tendons.


There are different styles of orthotics available that are designed to fit a wide variety of shoe gear. Orthotic styles range from athletic shoes to men’s and women’s dress shoes to pediatric and diabetic shoes. Sometimes, depending on the specific orthotic therapy required, a different type of shoe might be recommended by your foot care provider

What is the difference between off-the-shelf store-bought orthotic insoles and custom-made orthotics?

Store-bought prefabricated orthotics are not customized to your feet and therefore may have little effect on the biomechanics of your feet. The majority of people who need orthotics function far better with custom-made orthotics that are made specifically from casts of their feet and are designed to meet individual needs, activities, and footwear.

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What is a custom foot orthotic?

Custom-made foot orthotics are shoe inserts manufactured from a cast impression of your feet by your foot care professional and worn inside your shoes (athletic, casual, dress, diabetic, or special activity shoes).  Custom orthotics helps your feet function in their optimal neutral position and eliminate the need for your body to compensate for misalignment anywhere in your lower extremity (feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back).

Who can benefit from custom-made foot orthotics?

Due to the fact that most people suffer from some form of misalignment, just about anyone will benefit from wearing custom-made orthotics.  There are many different styles to meet a variety of needs.  Some orthotics are more rigid for increased control in the flexible flat foot, while others are softer and more cushioning for a more rigid high arch foot, and there are many situations that fall in between these two extremes.  Your foot care provider will help determine what style is best suited for your individual needs.

Types of Orthotics:


All of our sport orthotics are multipurpose devices used for a wide range of sports and general activities and are biomechanically designed for subtalar control. These devices are recommended for active patients in need of firm control for plantar fasciitis and severe pronation. Sport orthotics serve as the most basic and common orthotics prescribed today. Our standard length is met length on all of our sport devices.


⦁ Semi-flexible sport orthotic.
⦁ Designed for active patients requiring the most shock absorption with full rearfoot control.


Our women’s dress series of orthotics is designed for women who want to wear stylish shoes. For those women who will not compromise fashion for comfort, we have the answer with our casualfit, casualfit plus and slimfit devices. In addition, our graphlite carbon composite can be substituted for any of our standard shells in the dress orthotic series, making them even more appealing with graphlite’s thin, lightweight features. Our standard top cover is burgundy vinyl and our standard length is sulcus length on all of our women’s dress devices.


⦁ Designed for narrow pumps and flats.
⦁ Low profile orthotic for support and shock reduction.
⦁ Shell is cut away from the 5th met base to the 2nd interspace, allowing better fit for shoes with a     more narrow shank.


Designed to provide midrange control necessary for today’s active men needing an orthotic to fit and function in dress shoes and loafers.


⦁ Designed for loafers and low-sided men’s shoes.
⦁ Semi-rigid orthotic providing moderate control.
⦁ Optimal shoe gear compliance.

Leather Balancer-SoftFit

Our leather collection is made from the timeless art of wrapping wet leather around the positive cast to obtain and hold the shape. The production process is timely and labor intensive. The leather is cut, wet and strapped over the cast and then allowed to dry for at least 12 hours before forming its shape.  With the focus on technology in today’s industry, it is difficult to find a laboratory with experience in the production of leather orthotics. All five of our leather orthotics, leather balancer, leather shaffer, leather laminate, leather poron and leather EVA – are the finest quality products available to your patients requiring a flexible yet sturdy orthotic.


⦁ Prescribed when rearfoot control is needed.
⦁ Features deep heel cup to control rearfoot.
⦁ Minimize medial-lateral instability.

Graphite I

Our graphite composite series of orthotics are designed for semi-active to active patients needing maximum support and control in a limited space. Graphite composite is very light and strong thus making it one of our most popular series. We offer three different rigidities: graphite I, graphite II, and graphite III. Our standard length is met length on all of our graphite devices.


⦁ Carbon composites provide the strongest support with the least amount of bulk
⦁ The material is strong, stiff and lightweight.
⦁ Carbon composite is the material of choice for applications where lightweight and superior performance are paramount. Our graphite composite shells are thinner and lighter in weight than our other orthotic shells.

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